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Buddhist retreat or Vipassana, the word 'vipassana' comes from Pali, also literally translated as: 'inner vision', 'insight', 'intuition' and 'introspection', is a Buddhist form of meditation that perhaps most closely resembles the modern mindfulness, which we know better and better here in the West. Anyone looking for depth after a mindfulness course often ends up with vipassana.

Vipassana meditation

This form of meditation brings us more in contact with the body. In Western culture we are very much above the eyebrows with our attention and that is why we have an increasing need for this. According to the Buddha, the body is the anchor for the present moment and the entrance for deeper vipassana insights. More contact with the body can also help to find peace and to feel our limits and intuition better.

There is a retreat every month on the last weekend, the retreats are entirely in Thai.