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pbmc-20110426-202603-wv-150x250pMessages in the media describe the big buddha statue whichs is placed in the garden of Wat Dhammapateep as the biggest stone Buddha image in Europe.

In the report of an ‘art expert' and in later descriptions which were based upon it, the image was called "the biggest jade Buddha”, and that is obviously a mistake. The same sources showed themselves even less reliable by naming the figure as a “Shiva” (the Hindu God).

The big Buddha of the Temple is sculptured in black-dark green granite, weights  12 ½ tons, measures three meters high, and has its origine in South-China (see History). 

Recent publications have been talking about bigger Buddha images in other places. However, those appeared not to be made of stone but of other materials and moreover many of those so-called Buddhas are no Buddhas at all but are other Buddhist figures like monks or Bodhisattvas.

It is a dubious fact  that sometimes such images are exhibited to serve as an exotic decoration and as eye-catcher for commercial matters. It proves lack of insight and decency to use (holy) symbols of philosophies and religions in this way. Other philosophies than Buddhism have shown themselves much less tolerant in such cases and the questions have led to heavy protest and court cases.

Possibly ignorance is at the base and perhaps it is not realized that Buddhism is the fourth biggest philosophy (religion)  of  the world. Millions of (Theravada) Buddhists pay their respect to the Buddha image as the representation of the historical Buddha,  the founder of Buddhism.

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